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About methods for making stand-alone inventory packages available to target computers

Inventory Solution

This type of inventory is for Windows computers only.

Before you can run stand-alone inventory package, you must make it available to the target computers.

See Running stand-alone inventory packages on target computers

You can use different methods to make the packages available to target computers. The method that you use affects how the inventory data is reported back to Notification Server.

Table: Methods for making the stand-alone inventory packages available to target computers



Packages are made available on the Notification Server computer.

If target computers can communicate with the Notification Server computer, you can make the stand-alone inventory packages available on the Notification Server computer. Target computers can access the packages in following ways:

  • From a Notification Server URL (port 80 open for HTTP and port 443 open for HTTPS)

  • From a Notification Server share

See Stand-alone inventory package options

When you create a package, you can view the paths for the package on the Stand-alone Inventory Packages page.

Packages are distributed manually.

If the target computer cannot access the Notification Server computer using a URL or share, you can manually distribute the package. For example, you can email the package or place it on a different server's share or URL.

If you use this method, you must manually copy the inventory data files to the Notification Server computer after you run the package.

See Manually reporting standalone inventory data