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Configuring the custom inventory sample script for UNIX, Linux, and Mac

Inventory Solution

The custom inventory script for UNIX, Linux, and Mac generates a text output that contains the collected inventory data in a specified format. This data is used to create the NSE and is posted into the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The logic of creating the NSE and posting the data is hidden from the user.

When you configure the sample script, you can modify the output that the script generates.

See Creating a custom inventory script task

See Gathering custom inventory

To configure the custom inventory sample script for UNIX, Linux, and Mac

  1. Clone or open an existing sample of the custom inventory script task.

    Do not change the first lines of the script. Make changes after the # SCRIPT_BEGINS_HERE label.

  2. Specify the data class.


    echo UNIX_PS_List

  3. Specify the delimiters.


    echo "Delimiters=\" \" "

  4. Specify the data type and the length of each column.


    echo string20 string20 string20 string256

  5. Specify the column names.


    echo PID Terminal Time Command

    Note that the column names are not used in 7.x custom inventory. The column names are left for backward compatibility with 6.x Inventory Solution. You can leave this line empty in 7.x but keep the echo command intact.



  6. Specify commands to retrieve data from system.


    ps -ef

  7. Click Save changes.