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Running software inventory on UNIX, Linux and Mac computers using the filescan.rule file

Inventory Solution

To run the software inventory using the filescan.rule file, you must have the Symantec Management Agent and the Inventory Plug-in installed on your managed UNIX, Linux, and Mac computers. The Inventory Plug-in installation package includes a default filescan.rule file that contains an example list of some common applications.

You can configure the default filescan.rule file and add the applications that you want to be reported. You can also use the aex-filesurveyor utility to scan your UNIX, Linux, and Mac systems for executables. The output of the scan is formatted for use as a filescan.rule file. After you create or configure a filescan.rule file, you can distribute it to the managed computers.

The file scan agent uses the settings of the Inventory task or policy to scan the directories. If you want to change the set of the directories that are scanned, you must configure the advanced settings of the Inventory task or policy. If you do not specify any directories, then all local drives are scanned.

See About software inventory using the filescan.rule file

Before you perform this step, ensure that you have prepared the managed computers for inventory.

See Preparing managed computers for inventory and metering

To run software inventory using filescan.rule file

  1. (Optional) Copy the default filescan.rule file from the managed computer to the Notification Server computer and configure it.

  2. (Optional) To distribute the configured filescan.rule file to the managed computers, create a Quick Delivery task in the Symantec Management Console.

    Copy the filescan.rule file to the following folder:


    You can use the following universal path with custom installation directories:

    'aex-helper info path -s INVENTORY'/etc/

    See Performing a quick delivery of a single software resource

  3. For the Inventory policy that gathers software inventory, ensure that you check the File properties - manufacturer, version, size, internal name, etc. box.

The next step is to view inventory results.

See Viewing inventory data in reports

See Viewing inventory data in the Resource Manager

See Viewing inventory data in Computers and Software views