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About gathering standalone software inventory

Inventory Solution

This type of inventory is for Windows computers only.

Starting from the SP2 release of Inventory Solution 7.1, you can use the Software Management Framework Agent functionality when you gather standalone software inventory on the unmanaged computers. Stand-alone inventory packages perform Software Discovery scan and gather inventory data of the installed software with Software Management Framework Agent API (application programming interface). You can gather more detailed and accurate software inventory data from unmanaged computers. The new type of gathered data is not limited to Add/Remove Program information from the scans of the Uninstall registry key entries.

On managed computers, Software Management Framework Agent is installed along with Symantec Management Agent. During standalone inventory on unmanaged computers, Software Management Framework Agent does not depend on Symantec Management Agent. When you create a stand-alone inventory package, Software Management Framework Agent is picked up from the following location on your Notification Server computer:

%InstallDir%\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement

When the stand-alone inventory package runs, Software Management Framework Agent stores the software discovery information in files with an NSE extension at the location that you specified for the package.

See Gathering inventory using stand-alone packages

The standalone software inventory that scans the Uninstall registry key entries, MSI cache, and other locations on the unmanaged computer, lets you gather the following inventory data:

  • Add/Remove Program information

  • Installed software information

  • MSI information

Standalone software inventory with Software Management Framework Agent invokes Software Discovery scan and can take more resources and more time (up to 30 minutes) than the scan of registry key entries. However, this inventory method lets you gather more detailed and reliable inventory data of the software that is installed in your environment.

You can view the results of standalone software inventory in the following reports:

Newly Discovered Software report

A list of software applications that have been discovered using software inventory and have not matched the list of known applications and predefined software products.

To view the report, in the Symantec Management Console, on the Manage menu, click Software, and then in the left pane, under Installed Software, click Newly Discovered Software.

Installed Software report

A list of the software that is marked as installed, its version, count, and company name.

To view the report, in the Symantec Management Console, on the Reports menu, click All Reports > Discovery and Inventory > Inventory > Cross-platform > Software/Applications > Software.

To view additional details such as the computers on which the software is installed, right-click the software component, and then click View Details.

See About viewing inventory data

To gather complete software inventory with stand-alone inventory packages from the Inventory Solution versions that are earlier than 7.1 SP2, you have to recreate and redistribute the packages. You recreate the stand-alone inventory packages by editing them and saving the changes.

See Creating, editing, or cloning stand-alone inventory packages

Standalone software inventory helps you track the count of installed software but does not provide the count of computers that use the installed software. Thus, you cannot harvest unused software licenses for unmanaged computers. To harvest licenses, you need to install the Application Metering plug-in that runs within Symantec Management Agent only on managed computers.

See About software-based usage tracking, application metering, and application denial