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Gathering software inventory

Inventory Solution

Software inventory gathers information about the standard and the custom software applications that are installed on your computers. Software inventory data helps you analyze different aspects of your resources.

Table: Process for gathering software inventory




Step 1

(Optional for Windows computers) Prepare managed computers for inventory.

Target computers must be managed and have the Inventory Plug-in installed.

See Preparing managed computers for inventory and metering

The Symantec Management Agent and the Inventory Plug-in are not required on Windows computers if you use the stand-alone inventory packages for the following purposes:

  • To gather basic software application file inventory

  • To gather inventory of Windows Add or Remove Programs list

Step 2

Use the software inventory method that meets your needs.

You can use different methods to gather different types of software data:

  • Basic software application file inventory

  • Inventory of Windows Add or Remove Programs list and UNIX/Linux/Mac software packages

  • Targeted software inventory on Windows computers and software inventory using the filescan.rule file on UNIX, Linux, and Mac computers

  • Gathering and validation of software information with the Software Catalog Data Provider

See Methods for gathering software inventory

Step 3

View software inventory results.

You can view the gathered software inventory data in the inventory reports, the Resource Manager, and the Symantec Management Console Software views.

See Viewing inventory data in reports

See Viewing inventory data in the Resource Manager

See Viewing inventory data in Computers and Software views