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About Inventory for Network Devices

Inventory Solution

Inventory for Network Devices gathers inventory data from the discovered devices in your network. This inventory is gathered from the devices that are not managed through Symantec Management Agent. Because a management agent is not required, this inventory is considered an agentless inventory.

Agentless inventory gathers inventory from the devices that are already discovered and exist as resources in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Agentless inventory tasks run on discovered devices and report the data to Notification Server. The discovery data is stored in the CMDB. You can configure the automated tasks that are scheduled to run at regular intervals to keep your inventory data current.

You can gather inventory on the following types of devices:

  • Cluster

  • Computer

  • Computer: virtual machine

  • Infrastructure device

  • IP phone

  • KVM device

  • Network-attached storage

  • Network backup device

  • Network printer

  • Out-of-band management device

  • Out-of-band management device: chassis management controller

  • Physical rack

  • Physical enclosure

  • Physical bay

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Inventory for Network Devices gathers inventory only on SNMP-enabled network devices. You can determine the type of inventory that is gathered through SNMP data mapping tables. The tables identify the data fields that you want to collect and apply the settings to selected device types.

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Before you gather inventory from network devices, you must collect the data about the SNMP-enabled devices on your network. Use the Network Discovery task to discover your network devices. Make sure that the connection profile of the Network Discovery task has the SNMP turned on.

Inventory for Network Devices includes the following components:

Table: Components of Inventory for Network Devices



Inventory for Network Devices tasks (also known as agentless inventory tasks)

You create and schedule the tasks to collect inventory from discovered network devices.

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Agentless inventory wizard

You can use the wizard to create agentless inventory tasks.

See Creating agentless inventory tasks for network devices using the inventory wizard

Agentless Inventory Home page

This portal page provides links to the commonly used tasks and a summary of inventory data.

SNMP data mapping tables

These tables define the type of inventory data that is gathered.

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