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Gathering agentless inventory

Inventory for Network Devices

You can gather agentless inventory data from discovered SNMP-enabled network devices and enter that data in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

See About gathering agentless inventory

The process for gathering agentless inventory from network devices is as follows:

Table: Process for gathering inventory of network devices




Step 1

Discover network devices.

You can only gather inventory of the devices that are already discovered.

See About Network Discovery

Step 2

Use SNMP data mapping tables to define how to map SNMP devices to the data that you want to gather.

SNMP data mapping tables identify the data fields that you want to gather and apply the settings to the selected device types.

See Using SNMP data mapping tables

Step 3

Create agentless inventory tasks.

You create and schedule tasks to collect inventory. You can create the tasks either with inventory wizard or manually.

See Creating agentless inventory tasks using the wizard

See Manually creating, scheduling, modifying, and stopping agentless inventory tasks

Step 4

View agentless inventory data.

You can view the gathered inventory data in the Resource Manager or on the Agentless Inventory page.

See Viewing agentless inventory results