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About SNMP data mapping

Inventory for Network Devices

SNMP data mapping tables let you define how to map SNMP devices to the data that you want to gather. Inventory for Network Devices provides predefined SNMP data mapping tables for common SNMP devices. The predefined tables are read-only and cannot be edited.

You can also create your own custom SNMP data mapping tables.

See Using SNMP data mapping tables

When you create a new SNMP data mapping table, you specify Management Information Base (MIB) data objects, also known as MIB files or MIBs. MIBs are the data objects that are defined in the database. An SNMP manager uses them to control hardware and software resources. MIBs let you expand the data fields that can be collected when inventory runs. Inventory for Network Devices provides many MIBs of the leading hardware manufacturers. You can also import additional MIBs using the MIB Import task. The MIB files that you import with the MIB Import task can have the .MIB, .MY, or any other file extension for MIB files.

See Importing MIB files

When you map SNMP data mapping tables to a device, you choose a device from a list of classified SNMP devices. This list includes the SNMP devices that are configured on the SNMP Device Classifications page of Network Discovery.