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Cube toolbar functions

IT Analytics

The following toolbar functions are available in the cube toolbar

Table: Cube toolbar functions




Copies the selected results. You must highlight the results that you want to copy.

Sort Ascending

Sorts the selected column in ascending order. Click it to clear the current sort order and to select a new sort order.

Sort Descending

Sorts the selected column in descending order. Click it to clear the current sort order and to select a new sort order.

Auto Filter

Enables or disables the auto filter function.

IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Content Pack retains your filter settings as you toggle on and off the Auto FIlter.

Fields that have an applied filter have a blue arrow at the selected field.

Show As

Changes the format with which the data results are represented. Options include the actual value or a percent of values.


Refreshes the results of the table.

Export to Excel

Launches Microsoft Excel and exports the results into an Excel pivot table.

Commands & Options

Configures the advanced options for the table or chart, such as font type, font size, sorting, column headings, legends, and colors.

Field List

Displays the available attributes within the cube. Each attribute can be added to the table to shape your results.

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