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About SQL Server Analysis Services

IT Analytics

SQL Server Analysis Services is accessed during the configuration of the Analysis Services database and its contents. The users that access the cubes as a source of information for tables, charts, dashboards, and reports also access Analysis Services. In addition, the currently configured application identity of Notification Server is used to access Analysis Services during the setup process.

For the application identity to configure objects in the designated Analysis Server, one of the following conditions must be true:

  • The application identity is a local administrator on the Analysis Services host computer. It also has administrator rights to the local Analysis Services instance.

  • The application identity is a member of the designated Analysis Services instance server role. This membership lets the users that are not local administrators have administrative privileges on the Analysis Services instance. You can add a user to the Analysis Services server role from the SQL Server Management Studio. Add a user by accessing the properties dialog box for the Analysis Services instance. Then, navigate to the Security page. On this page, you can add the application identity user or a group to which the user belongs.

  • The target Analysis Services database for SIT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Content Pack is already created on the designated Analysis Services instance before the configuration of the Server. The application identity is in a role in that database that has administrative privileges.

The most common access to Analysis Services is for users to connect to cubes to perform analysis and run reports. These connections commonly use the cubes and the data source to an SQL Server Reporting Services report that is accessed through the Symantec Management Platform. You can also use a third-party application that is designed for cube browsing including Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Excel, ProClarity, and others.

You can manage the user rights in Analysis Services through the use of roles. To view a cube, a user must be in a role that has read access to a cube. Roles also let you control the details of cubes, including the dimensions of cubes and the actual dimension members and data within cubes. You can grant read access to cubes by using the Security tab on the Cube Setup page in the Symantec Management Console.

IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Content Pack also provides the ability to use the scoping security capabilities of Symantec Management Platform. Scoping provides a method to limit the devices a particular role may view.