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Granting access to cubes using SQL Server Management Studio

IT Analytics

As an alternative to granting access to cubes using the Symantec Management Console, you can also use SQL Server Management Studio.

To grant access to a cube using SQL Server Management Studio

  1. Open SQL Management Studio.

  2. Connect to Analysis Services using an account that has administrative rights.

  3. Within the IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Content Pack database, right-click the Roles folder.

  4. Click New Role.

  5. On the Create Role dialog box, enter IT Analytics Users as the role name.

  6. Select the Read Definition database permission for the role.

  7. On the Cubes page, set the Access drop-down list to Read for each cube that you want this role to have access to.

    If you install additional cubes in the future, you need to explicitly grant the read privilege for each cube after you install it.

  8. On the Membership page, click Add to specify users and groups for this role.

  9. Click Object Types, and then select Groups to allow the security group to be added to the role.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Click Location and change the location to the domain for which you created the IT Analytics Users security group.

  12. Click OK.

  13. In the box for objects to select, add the IT Analytics Users group.

  14. Click OK.

    Members of this role now have the appropriate rights to view the cubes that this role permits. You might need to configure Notification Server security to see the IT Analytics tab and installed cubes or reports.