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Ways to access Symantec Data Loss Prevention Pack for IT Analytics 7.5 SP1 reports

IT Analytics

You can access Data Loss Prevention Pack reports in many ways.

Table: Ways to access Data Loss Prevention Pack reports



Symantec Management Console - Cubes

Using cubes, you can construct and save views based on predefined measures and dimensions. The cubes are configured to allow exportable, dynamic, and customized reportts. You can also load previouslu saved views for quick access to data that you rfequently need.

See Viewing a cube

Symantec Management Console - Dashboards/Reports

These reports were developed to give you a representative view of your IT assets. You can export the reports to many different formats including HTML, Excel, and PDF. You can also create additional reports by using the SQL Reporting Services Report Builder, and then easily import your reports in SIT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Content Pack.

See Viewing a detailed report

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

With the built-in cube browser, you can view cube data natively through the SQL Server Management Studio. This option allows an administrator to have raw access to cube data and to have direct access to Analysis Services.

See Managing resources from the built-in cube browser

Third-party Reporting Products

You can use third-party reporting tools, such as ProClarity or Excel 2007, to report on the data that is contained in each cube. These tools provide rich cube browsing or cube reporting capabilities.

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