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Managing resources from the built-in cube browser

IT Analytics

You can manage resources from the built-in cube browser. You can access the right-click menu options for resources from the cube browser. The right-click menu options let you access Resource Manager. They let you assign a computer to an organizational group They also let you perform other actions, such as accessing a computer by Remote Management.

The right-click menu option Display Resource List displays only for the cubes in the Client and Server Management Content Pack. The cubes must have the Computer or the Asset dimension present. Resources from external CMDB connections are excluded from the resource list because you cannot manage them by using the tools that are provided. Therefore, the number of computers that are in the resource list may not match the number of resources that are shown in the field that you have selected in the cube browser.

To manage resources from the built-in cube browser

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Reports menu, click All Reports

  2. In the left pane, expand the Reports > IT Analytics > Cubes folder.

  3. Select a cube to view.

  4. Click Field List. The Field List displays the fields that are available within the cube. You can select the fields that you want to add to the table to shape your results.

    In the Field List expand Totals.

  5. Select the measure value that you want to use and drag it into the Totals pane of the cube browser

    Continue to drag and drop any other fields that you want to add into the cube browser.

  6. Right-click a field in the cube browser. The field should be a measure/total field that contains the resources.

  7. On the right-click menu, click Display Resource List.

    The pop-up window lists all of the resources that the host Symantec Management Platform manages.

  8. Select one or more resources in the pop-up window, and then right-click a resource. Right-clicking a resource lets you access the right-click menu options. The right-click menu options let you perform any actions that are valid for the selected set of resources.