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Installing IT Analytics Server and content packs

IT Analytics

You can install IT Analytics Server and content packs from the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM). You can download the installation files directly to your server or you can create offline installation packages.

Within SIM, available products are referred to as suites or individual solutions. For IT Analytics, the solution name for installation within SIM (Altiris IT Analytics) includes the required IT Analytics Server itself as the underlying foundation. Additionally, each IT Analytics content pack displays its own individual product for install, to be used with IT Analytics Server.

To install IT Analytics Server and content packs

  1. Launch the Symantec Installation Manager.

  2. On the Installed Products page, click Install new products.

  3. On the Install New Products page, in the Filter drop-down list click Solutions.

  4. In the Available products area, locate and check IT Analytics 7.5 SP1 and the content packs that you want to install.

    IT Analytics supports the following packs:

    • IT Analytics Client Server Management Pack

    • IT Analytics Critical System Protection Pack

    • IT Analytics Data Loss Prevention Pack

    • IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Pack

    • IT Analytics ServiceDesk Pack

  5. Click Next.

  6. Follow the rest of the installation instructions.

  7. Configure IT Analytics Server.

    After you install IT Analytics and the content packs, you must configure IT Analytics Server. See the following topic for the configuration steps:

    See Configuring Symantec Data Loss Prevention Pack for IT Analytics 7.5 SP1 and IT Analytics Server