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Exporting data from a data store file

ITMS 6.x Migration

If you encounter errors when you import data from a data store file, you may need to send the file to Symantec Technical Support. For a large file, you can use Store Browser to create a data store that is a subset of the original data store file. You can export the data that causes the errors and then send this smaller file to support so that they can help resolve the problem.

See About the Store Browser

When you export data with the Store Browser, you can select the data tables to export and the specific rows in the data tables. You can specify the rows to export with row numbers, row ranges, or a data string.

To export data from a data store file

  1. Double-click StoreBrowser.exe.

    By default, this file is installed at C:\Program Files\Altiris\Upgrade. It is installed whenever the migration wizard is installed.

  2. In the Store Browser, on the File menu, click Open, and select the data store file that contains the data.

  3. On the File menu, click Export Data.

  4. In the Export Data Form dialog box, in the Export column, check the tables whose data you want to export.

    The NSCore.ExporterVersionInfo table is always exported. It contains the data that the migration wizard needs to import the data from the data store file.

  5. To export the data for specific rows of a table, click in the Rows to Export column and specify the rows as follows:

    • In the Export Options Form dialog box, click Specified Rows.

    • To specify rows by row number, check Row Ranges, and list the rows.

    • To specify the rows that contain a data string, check Containing String, and define the string.

    • Click OK.

  6. In the Export Data Form dialog box, in Destination Store, specify the name and location for the new data store file.

  7. Click Export.