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Migrating legacy software license items

ITMS 6.x Migration

After you complete the task of migrating data from a Notification Server 6.x environment, you must migrate legacy software license items to Symantec Management Platform 7.5. Asset Management Solution 7.5 includes a wizard that helps you go through this process.

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To migrate legacy software license items

  1. Complete the steps to migrate data from Notification Server 6.x.

  2. Make sure that your Migrate Legacy Software Licenses settings are correct.

    For more information, see the topics about configuring settings for migrating legacy software licenses in the Asset Management Suite User Guide.

  3. Make sure that the Software Catalog is populated and current. You can use manual entry, run the Software Discovery task, or run an inventory policy.

    For more information, see the topics about populating the Software Catalog in the IT Management Suite Administration Guide.

  4. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Home menu, click Service and Asset Management > Software Licensing.

  5. In the right pane, in the Legacy Licenses Requiring Migration Web part, click Legacy License Count: n.

    The Legacy License Count n indicates the number of legacy software license items that need to be migrated.

  6. In the List of legacy 6.5 Software Licenses to be migrated list, right-click a license that you want to migrate, and then click Migrate Legacy Software License.

    Note that you migrate each software license one by one and it takes two to three minutes to migrate each license in case you have all the software purchase and software product data available in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

  7. In the Migrate Legacy Software License wizard, follow the on-screen instructions for each software license item that you need to migrate.

  8. Click Finish.

    After a software license item is migrated, it appears in the Software License list. The Legacy License Count indicates the number of software license items that still need to be migrated. Note that you must right-click in the Web part, and then click Refresh to display the changes.