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About manual Inventory Solution data migration

ITMS 6.x Migration

When you perform Inventory Solution data migration with the Symantec Notification Server Migration Wizard, some solution-specific files and settings do not migrate. This situation occurs because of the extensive changes in the database structure. To preserve these files and settings, you must manually migrate them from your previous Notification Server computer. After you move these files to your new environment, you must complete configuration steps to make them operate correctly.

See Before you migrate Inventory Solution data

See the following list for information about manually migrating Inventory Solution items:

  • Custom inventory script files for Windows and for UNIX, Linux, and Mac.

    You can manually migrate your custom inventory script files. However, you must perform custom configuration steps to make them operate correctly in the new environment.

    See Manually migrating custom inventory script files

  • Inventory baseline configuration and snapshot files.

    You can use the Symantec Notification Server Migration Wizard to migrate the baseline files. However, you have to perform some additional steps to verify that the data has migrated successfully.

    See Migrating Inventory Solution baseline configuration files