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IT Management Suite
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About IT Management Suite

ITMS 6.x Migration

IT Management Suite (ITMS) combines client and server configuration management with IT asset and service management. It promotes effective service delivery and helps reduce the cost and complexity of managing corporate IT assets. These assets may include desktops, laptops, thin clients, and servers in heterogeneous environments running Windows, Linux, UNIX, or Mac operating systems. You can manage all of the features of the suite through a central console on a common platform: the Symantec Management Platform. This common platform integrates management functions to accelerate automation for better service, value, and IT efficiency.

IT Management Suite comprises of the following management capabilities:

  • Server management

    The server management incorporates a variety of wizards and other features that let you automate configuration, stage tasks, and create policies to manage your servers. The server management capabilities support Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems. In addition, the same management disciplines are applied to both physical systems and virtual systems, including both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware.

  • Client management

    The client management helps you discover the resources in your network, and lets you check their state. The reporting tools help you identify problems and take immediate action to fix them. The client management capabilities support Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

  • IT asset management

    IT asset management builds upon solid inventory foundations for configuration management. It helps you accurately value both your discoverable and non-discoverable assets, and tracks your assets and your asset-related information. You can manage contracts, software license compliance, and procurement processes as well as the configuration items that are associated with your assets.