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Limitations of migrating from Deployment Solution 6.9 to 7.5

ITMS 6.x Migration

The following is the list of limitations that you encounter when you migrate from Deployment Solution (DS) 6.9 to Deployment Solution 7.5:

  • Return code handling in DS 6.9 is different.

  • Few tokens from DS 6.9 are automatically supported, though nearly all of them can be recreated if you want.

  • No support for standalone utilities like aexschedule and aeximport.

  • No migration of tasks and jobs from DS 6.9 to DS 7.5. The tasks and jobs have to be recreated in DS 7.5.

  • The Run Script task functionality does not work because few standalone utiliites from DS 6.9, such as aeximport utility, aexschedule utility, and WLogEvent utility and few tokens are not supported in DS 7.5.

    The Run Script task lets you use a scripting language such as Perl or Python. The Run Script task supports many scripting languages and predefined tokens. For more information, search for run script task topics in the Symantec Management Platform Help.

  • Drivers previously added to DS 6.9 are not migrated, and the drivers have to be readded to DS 7.5.

  • Images that are imported from DS 6.9 to DS 7.5 using the resource import tool might not have the Symantec Management Agent (SMA). Symantec recommends that you recapture the images. If the images already have the SMA, then the imported images can be used.

  • The Mac images from DS 6.9 cannot be used for the DS 7.5 tasks.

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