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About migrating Inventory for Network Devices

ITMS 6.x Migration

You perform the product migration from the version 6.x according to the migration scenario for Inventory Solution and IT Management Suite.

See Migrating from Notification Server 6.x

See Migrating from Symantec Management Platform 7.0

During the migration from Inventory for Network Devices version 6.x , the following data is migrated:

The data class list from 6.x to 7.x.

  • Inv_SNMP_Host_Devices

  • Inv_SNMP_Host_Resources

  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Adapters

  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Disk_Storage


  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Partitions

  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Printers

  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Server

  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Settings

  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Settings_Descriptions

  • Inv_SNMP_NW_Volume

  • Inv_SNMP_Physical_Entities

  • Inv_SNMP_Printer (changes its name to Inv_SNMP_HP_Printer in 7.x)

  • Inv_SNMP_Software

  • Inv_SNMP_Storage

  • Inv_SNMP_Win32_Print_Queues

  • Inv_SNMP_Win32_Services

  • Inv_SNMP_Win32_Shares

SNMP data mapping tables.

  • SNMPDeviceMap

  • SNMPTableMap

MIB files.

All MIB files in the 6.0 NetworkInventory\Mibs directory are imported into the database during the upgrade.