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About the data that the migration wizard migrates from Notification Server 6.x

ITMS 6.x Migration

When you migrate from Notification Server 6.x, you use the Symantec Notification Server Migration Wizard to migrate Notification Server 6.x data. Some of the 6.x data that you can migrate is actionable, while some is read-only.

See About data migration

See About data migration when migrating from Notification Server 6.x

You cannot migrate 6.x custom menu items with the migration wizard. You must manually export the 6.x menus from the 6.x console and import them into the 7.5 console.

Table: Platform data that the migration wizard migrates from Notification Server 6.x



Security roles

You can migrate predefined security roles and custom security roles.

If you create a custom 6.x security role and give it permissions on predefined items such as reports or policies, the permissions are not migrated. However, permissions on custom items are migrated.

Certificates - KMS/ PPA keys

You can migrate KMS and Credential Manager keys.


You can migrate the non-default collections, and they are actionable but not editable. If you use the collections, you should validate that they work correctly. Because Symantec Management Platform 7.x uses filters instead of collections, Symantec recommends that you convert your collections to filters. After you migrate your custom collections, you can use them as a reference when creating filters.


You can migrate custom notification policies and custom agent settings policies. The custom notification policies are read-only, but the custom agent settings policies are actionable.

Task-based policies

You can migrate task-based policies, and they are actionable. These policies are referred to as client task schedules in the 6.x console.


You can migrate predefined and custom reports, but they are read-only. You can use the reports for audit and reference purposes. You should replace the 6.x reports with 7.5 reports to reflect your current data.

Some of the reports you migrate may try to use the data that did not migrate and the reports then have incomplete data. You should validate the migrated reports against the reports in the 6.x console.

Jobs and Tasks

You can migrate 6.x jobs and tasks, and they are actionable.

Resource association

You can migrate 6.x resource associations, and they are actionable.


You can migrate the Software Delivery packages that are stored locally and their command lines. If a package and a command line are linked to a 6.x task, they are linked to the corresponding 7.5 task or policy after migration.

A 6.x task becomes a 7.5 task or policy as follows:

  • A Software Delivery task becomes a Legacy Delivery task.

  • A Sequential Software Delivery task becomes a Managed Software Delivery policy.

  • A Software Delivery Task Server task becomes a Package Delivery task.

A migrated package is not associated with a software resource or placed in the Software Library by default. Before you deliver a package with Quick Delivery, Managed Software Delivery, or the Software Portal, associate the package with a software resource. When you import a software delivery package, it is imported to the same location it had on the 6.x server unless you specify an alternate location.

See Promoting migrated Software Packages into the Software Library

You can also migrate all patch packages regardless of where they are stored. The packages are imported into the default location.

Portal pages and Web parts

You can migrate portal pages and Web parts, and they are actionable.

Console view

You can migrate console views, and they are actionable.

Right-click actions

You can migrate the user-defined actions that you have added to a right-click menu.


You can migrate predefined and custom 6.x Inventory Forwarding rules. When you migrate these rules, they are converted to 7.5 replication rules. You can also migrate Connector rules and Active Directory Import rules.

Warning: The migration wizard changes the CMDB rules Update Mode from Append to Update even if it is originally set to Append in 6.x. The rules migrate and work. However the way they function is not the same. A rule that has its Update Mode set to Append in 6.x, has after the migration to 7.5 changed its mode to Update.

For information about the solution-specific data that the migration wizard migrates, see the following: