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Prerequisites for creating a custom inventory software resource package

ITMS 6.x Migration

The task of meeting the prerequisites is a step in the process for manually migrating your custom inventory script files.

See Manually migrating custom inventory script files

Before setting up the software resource package, you must ensure that the following prerequisites have been met on your Notification Server 7.5 computer:

  • Java 2 JRE 1.6 is required for some Symantec Management Console screens.

  • The appropriate interpreters for Perl, Python, VBScript, etc. must be installed.

  • The Symantec Management Agent and Software Management Solution plug-in must be installed on each client computer.

  • The 7.5 version of aexinvcollector.exe must exist on the Notification Server 7.5 computer. This file is installed by default as part of the installation.

  • Ensure that the 6.x custom inventory data classes are migrated. Create new custom inventory data classes if needed.