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Migrating to Barcode Solution 7.5

ITMS 6.x Migration

The majority of the Barcode Solution data is migrated when you migrate your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) using the migration wizard. However, you must manually migrate your default synchronization profile settings. To migrate these settings you use the console to export them into an XML file. You then import this XML file after you install your new Symantec Management Platform. In addition, Symantec recommends that you finish synchronizing all your data from the handheld devices. Also, ensure that you verify your asset data before you load it into the CMDB by processing all batches.

See About migrating Barcode Solution

Table: Process for migrating to Barcode Solution 7.5




Step 1

Prepare to migrate.

Before you migrate to Barcode Solution 7.5, you must execute some manual steps to prepare the environment of the previous Barcode Solution for the migration.

See Before you migrate to Barcode Solution 7.5

Step 2

Perform the migration.

Use the Symantec Notification Server Migration Wizard to export and import your data.

See Exporting Notification Server 6.x data to a data store file

See Importing Notification Server 6.x data from a data store file

Warning: Because Barcode Solution relies on CMDB Solution, the CMDB data must be imported at the same time or before you import the Barcode data. For this reason, ensure that you have CMDB Solution selected in the Exporter Configuration page of the Symantec Notification Server Migration Wizard.

Step 3

Perform post-migration tasks.

After executing the migration wizard, you must restore the Barcode Solution default synchronization profile file. Use the Symantec Management Console of Notification Server 7.5 to import your default synchronization profile settings from an XML file.

See Performing post-migration tasks