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Migrating from Software Delivery Solution 6.x to Software Management Solution 7.5

ITMS 6.x Migration

To upgrade Software Delivery Solution you must understand how its old data structure relates to the new data structure of the Software Management Framework. Many Software Delivery objects are upgraded into Symantec Management Platform 7.5; however, not all objects can be migrated.

Table: Process for migrating Software Delivery Solution 6.x to Software Management Solution 7.5




Step 1

Use the Symantec Management Platform Migration Wizard to migrate the majority of your Software Delivery data.

See topics about ITMS migration in this guide.

See Migration Wizard objects

See Things to know about migrating from 6.x to 7.5

See Items that can and items that cannot be migrated from software delivery solutions 6.x

Step 2

Validate package migration.

You must complete additional manual migration steps to reach complete functional parity.

See About validating Software Package Migration

Step 3

Convert the Software Delivery packages.

You must convert each of your Software Delivery packages into the equivalent resource detail in the Software Catalog.

See Promoting migrated Software Packages into the Software Library

Step 4

Enable legacy software delivery policies.

See Enabling legacy software delivery policies

Step 5

Review the sequential software delivery tasks.

See About migrated Managed Software Delivery sequential tasks

Step 6

Review the task server infrastructure tasks.

See Viewing migrated task server infrastructure software delivery tasks